Say NO to Milk Leakage!!

Do you suffer from very excessive milk leakage?
If your breastmilk leaks very excessively, meaning bra pads are not enough, you can use our Milk Collection Shells. The soft silicon membrane is extremely comfortable because of its good fit. The Collection Shell can be easily emptied using the convenient spout in the shell.

Memandangkan aku nekad nak breastfeeding baby selama yg boleh, jd aku pun ajak en asben beli mende nih. Aku beli Madela Milk Collection Shells.Harga RM69.90 (kalo offer, leh dpt RM65.90).

Medela Milk Collection Shell
Kenapa nak guna mende nih?
-elakkan pembaziran susu yg memancut keluar. Dgn milk collection shells ni, dia takungkan susu, so leh la wat stok.Cth camni tgh menyusu kat breast belah kanan. Then, breast belah kiri plak, susu, kite guna la mende nih utk takungkan susu sementara nak pam nnt...

Cemana nak pakai mende nih?
Mende ni kite pakai dengan bra tau (refer gmbr bawah)



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